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    Picture of Jeannette EDOUARD
    Act in French
    by Jeannette EDOUARD - Thursday, 3 September 2015, 7:56 AM

    Friday 4 September, at 12:00, in A201, the group "ACT IN FRENCH" will show the result of their workshop. Come to see the short play they created, based on their own experience of foreign students coming to Lille. 

    Vendredi 4 septembre à 12:00 en A201, le groupe "ACT IN FRENCH" montrera le résultat de leur atelier. Venez voir la courte pièce qu'ils ont créée, basée sur leur propre expérience d'étudiants étrangers venant à Lille.

    Picture of Cédric Malvache
    Select your second language course / Choix seconde langue
    by Cédric Malvache - Tuesday, 1 September 2015, 6:07 AM

    Dear Students,

    We offer you the possibility of following a second language course, among German, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese at all levels (provided the number of requests is sufficient to open a group).

    If you are interested in this option, you will be able to register on intranet from Tuesday 1st September (link in the News). The deadline for registration is Friday 4th September midday.

    2nd language courses are scheduled on Thursday afternoons. The weighting is 2 credits per semester (4 for the whole year).

    When registering, please indicate your level in the language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (see attached document). This information will be used to place you in groups.  

    The courses will start on September 10th. The first session will be used to validate that your level is adapted to the group.


    -        Once you are registered on a course, it must be for a minimum of 1 semester (a tolerance is allowed to 1st Year Bachelor students who can fill in a withdraw request until September 30th to the 1st Year Bachelor Studies Office).

    -        Registration may be possible at the beginning of the 2nd semester but there will be no new groups created, you will only be able to integrate an existing group. 


    Picture of Maxime Taisne
    Multicultural Projects
    by Maxime Taisne - Monday, 31 August 2015, 4:41 PM

    Dear students,

    You are soon coming to IESEG Lille or Paris and we hope you will enjoy your semester or year with us. During the semester you will be able to enroll in one of the many multicultural projects organized by IESEG. This will be a great opportunity for students to integrate into the school, get to meet interesting people, discover French culture but also enable the French students (and their teachers and professors) to discover your own culture.

    There is a wide range of projects: Gastronomy, Games, Acting, Dance, Photo exhibition, Music, Radio, etc. You are welcome to give us some more ideas...

    We invite you to visit our Facebook page 'Le Petit Journal', where you can see what last year students have done. Please click on this link to visit our Facebook page.

    Best wishes !

    Carmen Campillo
    Head of multicultural projects

    Picture of Delphine LOPENAGUE
    CORPORATE EVENTS this semestre !
    by Delphine LOPENAGUE - Friday, 28 August 2015, 2:28 PM

    Discover the corporate events of the semestre !

    Corporate Talks, Recruitment sessions, Mock interviews, VIP speakers, Corporate Fairs!

    Register on Jobteaser  - www.ieseg-online /career services.

    Companies coming this month !  HSBC, EY, Danone, Altrad, DHL and L'Oreal, Huawei, Groupon, Solocal, AtoS,, L'Armée de Terre,  FFT , Roland Garros, Deloitte LUX, Auchan, Bonduelle, Promod, Kiabi...

    Corporate Talks are conferences during which 1 to 5 guest speakers can interact with students and staff , an excellent networking opportunity ! Find the agenda attached.

    Affiche RE


    Picture of Maxime Taisne
    Visite ta BU
    by Maxime Taisne - Wednesday, 26 August 2015, 5:03 PM

    Visite ta BUA l'occasion de la prochaine rentrée universitaire, la Bibliothèque Universitaire Vauban, au 60 rue du port, propose un évènement #VisiteTaBU, en remplacement des traditionnelles présentations de rentrée en amphi.

    Dates : 4 mardis de Septembre (1er, 8, 15 et 22)
    Lieu : Bibliothèque Universitaire Vauban, 60 rue du port à Lille
    Horaires : 13h - 18h

    Découverte de la BU grâce à des vidéos, distributions de goodies et présentation des services sont au programme.

    Plus d'informations dans le PDF joint.

    Picture of Ana Marta Fornells
    by Ana Marta Fornells - Wednesday, 20 May 2015, 3:15 PM
    Nous vous informons que la salle Bloomberg sera inaccessible le 4 et 5 juin 2015. Les nouveaux terminaux Bloomeberg seront disponibles en salle E212 à partir du lundi 8 juin.

    We inform you that the Bloomberg room will be closed on 4 and 5th June. The new Bloomberg terminals will be available in room E212 from Monday 8th of June.